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Best of the Best Developer Videos

With the release of our Enterprise Application Toolkit for OpenERP we are compiling a list of videos so programmers can begin leveraging their programming skills to build robust OpenERP interfaces that can run on any platform.

These videos were picked quite carefully to cover basics while introducing developers to more advanced features. If you have a video to recommend, please visit our contact page. Included are both Visual Studio 2013 examples as well as examples specifically to Unity3D as it provides easy deployment to virtually any platform.

Best Design Pattern Videos

The following Design Pattern series is really MUST WATCH! The series is the ultimate "Special Forces" training for the beginner, a great refresher for seasoned programmers.

Design Pattern Intro Part 1 - Basic review of Object Oriented Principals 

Design Pattern Intro Part 2 (Again this is one of the best basic developer videos. Watch both Part 1 and Part 2 several times if you need to)

Strategy Design Pattern

Observer Design Pattern

Factory Design Pattern

Abstract Factory Design Pattern

Builder Pattern

Flyweight Design Pattern

State Design Pattern

Best of the Best C# video tutorials

What is the difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation?

What are the different types of collections?

Using ArrayLists

Arrays and collections in C#

Learn how to use hash tables

A test of your programming logic and C# coding ability - FizzBuzz

Basic Threading in C#


IEnumerator vs IEnumerable

What are Generics?

Delegates and Events

C# Basic Observer Pattern (very excellent)

Observer Design Pattern - Stock market example in C#

Events and Delegates Explained in C# and Unity3D

What is the use of the private constructor?