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Odoo Essentials Video - Version 8

Tips and tricks for using Odoo to manage your business sales, deliveries, marketing, purchasing, website, and more!

Learn the essentials of using Odoo today

  • Covers Odoo 8 Edition!
  • Learn how to find and install the applications you need
  • Set up a chart of accounts especially for your business
  • Distinguish opportunites from leads, quotations from sale orders
  • Customize your own website with an online store to sell your products
  • Manage customers from first contact through order delivery
  • Configure views to enhance your Odoo experience
  • Control warehouse deliveries, receiving and internal moves
  • Follow step-by-step operations of our sample company
  • Discover loads of tips and tricks to avoid the most common pitfalls

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Only $129

Why use Odoo for your Business?

While there are many reasons Odoo can be a good fit for your business, one of the primary factors is that Odoo is completely Open Source and can be implemented without mandatory license fees at the whim of a developer. Many ERP and financial software companies work toward customer "lock in". They know you will be dependent on them for updates. Their source code is unavailable and license fees can go up without notice. Because they it is easier for them to get larger and larger fees from existing customers than to obtain those high license fees from new customers... you are 'locked in'. 

Odoo changes this. The community has the source code and Odoo partners provide service and assistance with your implementations. This Essentials video provides you with yet another resource that you can utilize to help implement Odoo in your business.

Odoo Essentials Video

Odoo Essentials starts at the beginning with installing a new company, setting up customers, entering products and creating sales orders. You learn how to search and find records and the little tricks and tips that help make it easier to get around and user the system. Most importantly, we examine exactly how the transactions in Odoo impact the general ledger and accounts. The takes a look at the new CMS website manager and how you can quickly create your own shopping cart using Odoo in a matter of minutes. Odoo Essentials is designed to get you up and running with Odoo fast.

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