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OpenERP - Odoo Enterprise Application Toolkit

  • Build NATIVE applications for Odoo (formally OpenERP) on practically any platform including: iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile and more!
  • FAST mature development cycles! Use Microsoft Visual Studio to build your application! No more rebooting servers or re-installing modules to see your application changes!
  • Use high level FSM (Finite State Managers) visual diagrams to control the flow of your applications
  • Program in C# for fast, compiled, multi-threaded applications! 
  • Deploy OFFLINE applications that can run 'in the field' with no connection to the Internet
  • Use the XML-RPC interface for robust applications that minimize code changes and maximize re-usability
  • EXTENSIVE documentation and video training
  • Full Source Code Provided!

Deploy to virtually ANY Platform with the same code base

  • Build application for practically ANY platform using the same code base and project!
  • COMPLETE MOBILE Odoo (formally OpenERP) Application development solution!
  • iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Andorid, phones and tablets
  • Blackberry, Windows 8 Mobile Applications, Windows Surface
  • Windows XP through Windows 8, Web browser (If you choose, you can still deploy your same application in a simple web browser!)
  • Macintosh native applications, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD Unix
  • Even Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii! Why? Well, perhaps to inexpensively deploy Kiosk designs, retail product catalogs, museum exhibits, simulations and team building applications
  • Work in the FREE latest version of Unity3d.... commonly referred to as the "Photoshop of mobile application development'!

Develop in cutting edge IDE tools like Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Use mature IDE’s to build your OpenERP application
  • Complete context sensitive help and auto-completion 
  • Works with all popular IDE’s. Don’t be tied to vim running in Ubuntu to develop your OpenERP applications!
  • Unit testing and quality project management
  • Integrate with team tools and version controls
  • Eliminate rebooting your server or upgrading modules for view/application modifications
  • Want to build a solution that incorporates ASP.NET or Microsoft's MVC tools? No problem. This toolkit will help you build robust .NET applications that work with OpenERP.*

*Because our toolkit targets multi-platform deployment, Unity3D is the primary development platform for this toolkit. Full C# code is provided so solutions can easily be crafted for .NET.

Program in C# for fast, efficient, and portable applications

  • Strong typing and fully compiled modules = fast applications
  • Protect your source code from tampering and theft
  • Avoid the performance impact of interpreted languages such as Python and PHP
  • Tap into pools of programming talent that were previously inaccessible
  • Integrate popular design patterns such as the observer pattern and factory pattern. Expert examples provided.
  • Tightly integrate with legacy systems. Full examples of custom NATIVE applications running INSIDE legacy systems!

High Level FSM (Finite State Management) Processes

  • Create live WORKING Odoo (OpenERP) visual process diagrams
  • See in REAL TIME your application move between states and processes
  • Create visual diagrams that can be easily shared with stakeholders and department managers
  • Visual debugging, variable inspectors, even PAUSE & PLAY your processes while changing variables and states!
  • Encapsulate complex programming requirements and coding into modular units
  • Need even more flexibility? Create your own custom C# actions and modules to integrate with the FSM.
  • Develop your own way. Prototype and deploy quickly using visual tools. Re-factor into optimized C# code once requirements are finalized.

* Requires Playmaker asset tool for Unity (currently priced at $95)

Free your application from the Internet and Odoo (OpenERP) Server requirements

  • Full support for stateless connections to OpenERP allow you to build applications that can run without Internet connections!
  • Connect to OpenERP to sync, download, or upload data when the Internet becomes available!
  • Have full access to critical capabilities of each platform to create local databases, integrate with embedded systems, talk with Excel or Access… The possibilities are endless!
  • Write native applications on Windows Mobile, iOS and Android bar-code scanners and tablets. Then sync your data to OpenERP! The best of both worlds!
  • Create powerful graphical Kiosk applications, product catalogs, and technical trainings that integrate with OpenERP

    Integrate with Odoo's (OpenERP) business layer through the ORM and XML-RPC interface

    • Leverage Odoo's (OpenERP) three tier architecture  
    • Focus your application on the user interface and the “VIEW” layer in the Model/View/Controller architecture
    • Exposes all the SCRUD functions (Search, Create, Read, Update, Delete)
    • Enforce business rules defined in the model and controller 

    Extensive documentation and video training

    • Created by the developer of “OpenERP Developer Training 1 & 2”
    • Constantly expanding libraries of examples and code
    • Library of resources and design patterns to accelerate your progress
    • Receive 25% off personalized training and development mentoring (100 hours!)
    • With this solution you have EVERYTHING! Nothing is hidden or put in a ‘black box’. If you need to change anything you can!
  • Pre-Order Now and save 50%  - Beta now available! 

    Package contains:

    • C# source code for XML-RPC libraries ready to deploy in FREE Unity3D environment or any other C# platform
    • All SCRUD operations (Search, Create, Read, Update, and Delete)
    • A complete state/event manager in C# written specifically for Odoo (OpenERP)
    • Multiple examples demonstrating rapid & robust application development using modern design patterns
    • Visual FSM state actions WITH SOURCE CODE provide a powerful visual tool for creating OpenERP applications
    • Complete source code for all editors and inspectors used for rapid prototyping. You get ALL the code we have!
    • Video tutorials that show simple easy solutions as well as advanced "under the hood" videos that show exactly how the toolkit works
    • 25% off personalized OpenERP training and development mentoring (first 100 hours only).

    Odoo (formally OpenERP) Enterprise Application Toolkit - $299 (Beta pricing - available NOW!)

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