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OpenERP / Odoo 7 Fundamentals Training - Volume One

In OpenERP / Odoo 7 Fundamentals Training Volume One we take a business requirements driven approach to teach you step by step how to implement an OpenERP system. Unlike many OpenERP / Odoo training approaches that simply go feature by feature, this video series works through real processes and real configuration problems that people typically face in setting up a new OpenERP / Odoo system.

By the end of volume one you should be comfortable getting around in OpenERP, adding modules, searching, and beginning to understand how transactions can be managed in the system. Instead of arbitrarily introducing features, this video series uses real business requirements to drive the implementation of OpenERP for a boat manufacturing operation. This approach will help you work through how you can implement OpenERP for your business.


Learn how to implement Odoo / OpenERP 7 in your business

  • Covers Odoo / OpenERP Version 7 Features and Functions
  • Starts from the very beginning all the way to creating your first OpenERP / Odoo database.
  • Learn how to setup a company and configure the necessary options to begin using OpenERP / Odoo
  • Business and requirements driven training. Each step is explained not just from a technical OpenERP / Odoo perspective, but exactly why you would use these features in your business.
  • Learn how to configure customers, contacts, and products
  • Configure product categories and setup special price lists by customer
  • Learn how to handle sales order modifications, refunds, and providing credits on invoices
  • Discover advanced search features and the ability to save custom searches
  • Perfect video for getting started on how you may implement OpenERP into your business.

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 OpenERP Developer Training Volume One