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Information System Analysis by Certified IS Auditors

Conducting an Information System audit is an important process that every business should undertake regularly. During an audit, important controls within a company's IT structure are examined for compliance with regulatory requirements as well as the internal procedures that have been documented by the company. As Information Systems become more and more critical to the success of any business the need for IT audits continue to grow. The purpose of our First Class IT Auditing Service is to provide businesses an objective, affordable, and comprehensive audit report by certified IT auditors.

What are some of the questions that can be answered by an objective First Class IT Audit?

  • Are backup procedures and disaster recovery plans adequate and are they being followed exactly?
  • Is the physical security and the network security of the information system environment appropriate?
  • Do proper controls exist to guarantee data integrity and compliance with GAAP?
  • What are the current threats and potential liability of the current Information System controls and procedures?
  • Are any employees at your company using the computer or information systems for inappropriate or even illegal activity?

First Class IT/IS Auditing for uncovering potential business opportunities

First Class IT/IS Auditing Services is a cut above the rest. Not only do we provide Certified IT and IS audits, we also provide solid business recommendations on increasing the value of existing information resources. Perhaps there are more effective methods for insuring data integrity and quality backups? Maybe there is a potential revenue stream that is going untapped? After conducting a full audit we are often in a position to make constructive recommendations on how you can increase business productivity, potential, and uncover significant cost saving opportunities.

Are you an experienced IT auditor with CISA or CISM certification? First Class IT Auditing Services can provide you with new professional opportunities. Please visit our Job Opportunities page for more information.